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TTM is a website that focuses on indie rock, experimental noise, chiptunes, graffitti, 8-bit art, and hip-hop. Quite often, we will feature MP3 downloads to accompany the posts. Please enjoy them, but support the artists featured by seeing them live, buying their t-shirts, and giving them long, lingering hugs.

The goal at TTM is to write about art that is quality and to introduce folks to the gems of the fringe and upcoming. We hope you enjoy what you see.

TTM is managed by Cody DeMatteis, all words are his unless otherwise noted. He works in the moving cartoon industry and he’s interested in supporting you, the audience. Drop him a line with anything you feel is interesting:

Please don’t hesitate to email.

You can find out more about his various projects at codydematteis.com.

While he eagerly waits to hear from you, here’s some dancing Japanese women to tell you the current local time in Atlanta, Georgia, which happens to be one of the lovelier cities in the great nation of America and the home of this website’s author:

One thought on “About Taking Tiger Mountain

  1. Hello! I am a senior Journalism major/Psychology minor at Northeastern University.

    I am writing you because I think the show you produce ‘Off the Air,’ is fascinating on a psychological level and I’d like to ask you a few questions regarding your perspective on it. If you could take ten minutes to talk on the phone please let me know!

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