60 Belgian Women Sing Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ – Scala & Kolacny Brothers

Now, I’m a fairly sizable Radiohead fan. I picked up tickets for their upcoming stop at the Hollywood Bowl. I used to scour the net for b-sides and the rare acoustic stuff. I used to shell out cash for a variety of import disks in the pre-MP3 days. Who’s got the Japanese only Itch EP…I do. That said, it’s been a long time since I’ve actually listened to any early-era Radiohead, but I recently discovered this fantastic live recording of Scala & Kolacny Brothers doing a beautifully sullen piano and voice rendition of Radiohead’s ubiquitous 1993 single. The cluster of sixty something Belgian women focus primarily on minimalist reworkings of pop tunes: Kraftwerk, The Knife, Placebo, Bjork, Coldplay, Air & (regrettably) The Cure…yeah, I still don’t like The Cure.

Now, this is a fine example of a cover bringing a new dynamic to a well established song. There’s nothing quite like the sound of multiple voices stacked together (in a more freewheeling light, see also: Arcade Fire live). I’m not 100% behind the straight piano accompaniment, but on the other hand, it does feel like a slight stylistic nod to the ballad-y version of ‘Like Spinning Plates’ off 2001’s I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings. Either way, the track’s slow build manages to become more and more atmospheric as it progresses. The half whispering of the line ‘I wish I was special’ towards the end, in combination with the slight glimmers of accents throughout the whole song just make it for me. A delightful take on a well established classic.

Scala & Kloancy Brothers – Creep (Live)

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82 thoughts on “60 Belgian Women Sing Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ – Scala & Kolacny Brothers

  1. it is/was ‘fucking beautifull.. a real life/song … cheers to all out there with ‘some’ life mature/experience

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  7. This is…different. However, Thom Yorke’s feeling and emotion is lost in sixty droaning women. Not a fan.

  8. Very different, but I like it. The emphasis is a little different, gives it a different feeling. You don’t hear ‘coarse’ language in choir ensembles very often, at least I don’t. Nice.

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  11. wow 60 lesbians half singing a depressing radiohead song. this is probably the biggest load of shit i’ve heard in a long time. well done

  12. This version is used to fantastic effect in the trailer for the new David Fincher movie about the creation of Facebook. 500millionfriends.com

  13. David Fincher, you done it again! Nice job on the cover song Scala & Kolacny Bros!

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  15. It’s too much and too little. So much more layering should’ve happened- and instead of separating parts they just all sang the same song? Could’ve been done with ten or less. Also- I do enjoy the slight eerie tone, but this isn’t something I’ll be listening to ever again.