Video: Kanye West feat Chris Martin – Homecoming

While this Hype Williams directed clip came out three months ago, I just caught wind of it now. It’s a cute little love letter to Chicago, all done in black and white with the requisite touches of slowmotion and cheesy matte shots. I spent a handful of years living out there before I moved to Los Angeles, so there’s a soft spot in my heart for that city. Many lofty peaks, and exceptionally low points in my life saw light there and I love it for both.

As a video, there’s really very little going on. I have to think that the basic target market for this video is both extreme Kanye fans and nostalgic ex-Chicagoians. Given the brilliance of the Murikami commissioned clip for ‘Good Morning’ and the Akira-inspired clip for ‘Stronger’, ‘Homecoming’ is pretty bland both by the standards of Hype Williams and Kanye. I’m fairly certain that nostalgia is simplistic and that’s why it works for ‘Ye and I.

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