Portland’s Breakfast Mountain is kinda blowing my mind

I’m realizing now I probably should have counted my pennies last year and hit up that DAT Politics show when I lived in Portland. I’ve been meaning to see what the fuck they do live with their live set, but it’s hard to convince folks that the spastic electro they make is awesome. Had I gone, I would have gotten a sense of the equally awesome weirdness that is Breakfast Mountain, as they opened up the show. Instead, a year later I had to find out via the PDX Pop Now comp that is released in honor of the long weekend of music. Among them, Breakfast Mountain is my favorite and they’ll be of the 40+ bands playing the festival, which showcases the fertile & eccentric scene that Portland is home to.

Go download Hooooded Plus+, which is Breakfast Mountain’s debut-ish, for free by clicking on the cover above. It’s a collection of tracks, edits, remixes and live stuff that is hard to really put a single genre tag on, as it’s an explosion of styles assembled with a Jackson Pollock precision. The smashed together, sound collage element of Breakfast Mountain feels like it’s a mixtape made for someone you love that was left in a shoebox full of liquid acid for a few months. Heavily influenced by beat driven electronic music, cheeseball hip-hop & at times, noisy shoegaze, it’s incredibly enjoyable without slotting it under any single group.

His myspace page says he’s off recording, so keep an eye out for new material hopefully soon.

Here’s two of my favorites, both available on Hooooded Plus+:



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