Help Save The Best Magazine You’ve Never Read – Arthur

Arthur Magazine is a fantastically bizarre blip of a free publication. Nothing else really exists like it and at the moment the fate of the magazine is in jeopardy. When Jay Babcock, present manager of the mag, bought out the magazine from his ex-partner, he landed himself in a tough financial place. The magazine is looking to collect $20,000 by the first of July, in order to have enough funds to resume publication. At the time of posting, they’re close — just $317.00 away from the final goal. Scrape together a few bucks to give to them via Paypal.Though they’re close to the desired goal, anything above the line can and will help.

Arthur is a geologic sample from far below the surface of any scene. Reading the magazine brings on a grand sugar rush reminder that a million bands will spend their lives intensely focused on music that will fly below the collective radar. I have to tip my hat to any mag that’ll devote as many words as they do to noise music, doom metal, and all things on the periphery.

One of the key features that is worth reading each and every issue is Bull Tongue, a column by Sonic Youth grand master Thurston Moore and Byron Coley (contributor to another great publication Wire Magazine). Each month they dig through and discuss piles of strange records in the most charmingly relaxed manner. A lot of times people are forced to wax pretentious about the obscure and the weird, but Bull Tongue always does so in an breezy manner.

Arthur keeps an archive of recent issues up on the site in PDF form. Go poke through and read some of the fantastic words they’ve assembled over the years. If you like, give a little money to keep a unique entity afloat.

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