What’s better than my opinion on Odd Future?

An English woman’s opinion.


Drowned In Sound sent relentlessly English writer Wendy Roby to cover Les Eurockéennes de Belfort, the long running French festival. The line up this year was a happily jumbled mix of sounds, putting Les Savy Fav on the same bill as House of Pain. FINALLY! Actually, I had no idea they were still touring, I guess the Jump Around nostalgia dollar is again trading high. Either way, I would have gone just to see Birdy Nam Nam do their thing.

Roby took the time to write about the internet napalm that is Odd Future, which I’ve heard is a risky game if you’re…well, anyone. So, in light of actually having to draw attention to my self with actual opinions, I’ll let Wendy’s concisely hilarious work do the job:

Odd Future – awful cads that they are – introduce themselves to France by shouting ‘BON FUCKIN JOUR’ in a mildly (mildly) amusing fashion. They have a non-specific macbook rage about them. It is like they are really, really furious and want to sing about rape and pillage because ARGH and OH MY FUCKING GOD, Time Machine HAS NOT BACKED UP FOR THIRTY DAYS. Which is to say, little of the subtlety or admirable glassiness of their production is present, they are impotent fury made manifest, and of all the things I could find them (offensive, the END OF THE WORLD in human form), I am left thinking they are silly. Which is not to say that they are not effective, or that their rage is not the sort of thing I rather like to listen to, albeit with my philosophical clog-filters set up high. But I feel quite Mummish, I don’t believe this rage is real, I am rolling my eyes at them being so aggy about everything, when clearly they are having a good time. OHHHHHHHH MAN, I’M SO ANGRY AT YOU WORLD say Odd Future in so many words. It is like you have told them they have to wear their blue short shorts for P.E. because their favourite ones are in the wash and so they have decided to write an album that essentially amounts to ARGH MUM, I HATE YOU. None of this explains why, when they have finished, I feel moved to run up to the barrier and highfive Domo Genesis, but I am pretty sure I did so because I am an idiothole.

(To read the entirety of her Les Eurockeenes coverage, click here)

She hits the nail on the middle class rage borne head, right?

Actually, I’m ok with sharing my opinion on the derisive crew:

They’re young and have hit the scene with a tremendous energy. If they’re not consumed swiftly and forgotten by the nanometer long fire that is the internet’s attention span, most all of them will go on to produce interesting stuff. With little effort, Yonkers stands as one of the top singles of the year, for sure. Oh, also…there’s probably going to be some Wolf Gang festival, akin to a more ethnically mixed Gathering of the Juggalos in under 5 years. Bank your internet dollars on that one.

See, I’m not as clever as Ms. Roby.

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