Joanna Newsom “Bridges and Baloons” on ACL

While I’m not a massive fan of Joanna Newsom’s last two albums, but I have a deep affection for her debut The Milk Eyed Mender. This week’s episode of Austin City Limits features her…and Fleet Foxes, but who cares about them. Newsom’s vocal style has softened over the years, but the melodies in ‘Bridges and Balloons’ are still gorgeous. I’d imagine if she continued to pummel her vocal chords like she did in the past, she’d be out of the game by now. Check out her episode airs this Saturday and will be available on

Bonus video: Check out this Tom Waits Christmas gem from ACL in 1978.

Useless factoid: I accidently had a conversation with Joanna Newsom at the office, but didn’t know who I was talking to at the time. Probably for the better.

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