Conceptual April Fool’s – Nosaj Thing’s remix of 4’33

UPDATE: Boo, he took it down. Long story short, it was an mp3 of silence. The soundcloud comments all were adoring each nuance and “sick drop” of the satirical “remix”. This post likes “theoretical quotes”.

Nosaj Thing has produced what I can deem the most conceptual April Fool’s gag. Today saw the release of his remix of John Cage’s legendary 1952 minimal performance piece. This is probably the only moment in time when Sound Cloud’s usually godawful comment system plays perfectly into the joke.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen any good John Cage jokes, since the fake youtube copyright claim gag perpetrated by Married To The Sea author @drewtoothpaste

Get it?

On one level, I love a good John Cage joke, but on at the same time, I wish people would educate themselves to the playful history that Cage brought to the world. It’s easy to dismiss some of his contributions, as they feel old and simple, but put yourself in the context of the time and the magic is easy to see. Long ago, I read John Cage Explained, but it seems now out of print. Text gave a great sense of context to his life and work, so I highly suggest it.

Now I want to read John Cage books. Any recommendations?

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