Twitter Recap! – Tokyo Police Club, Wale, Black Dice, Thermals & More!

In an effort to diversify content between the actual site and the Taking Tiger Mountain Twitter, I tend post links to whatever random free music links I find while trolling the web. This helps keeping the twitter from being just the occational rant and “OH HAI BLOG UPDATE LINK.”

For those who aren’t yet subscribed (wink, wink) enjoy a recap of the past week’s free mp3’s and videos links!


Black Dice – ‘Glazin’

Motel Motel – ‘Coffee’

Tokyo Police Club – ‘Juno’

Tokyo Police Club – ‘Juno (Ra Ra Riot Remix)’

Wale – ‘Nightlife (feat. Tre and Young Chris)’

Thermals – ‘Now We Can See’

Mountains – ‘Choir’

Mimas – ‘Cats on Fire’

Kanye West – ‘Love Lockdown (Lunice remix)’

A full live Andrew Bird set from 2002


Radiohead performing ’15 Step’ with the USC Marching Band at the Grammys

Ladytron’s new video for ‘Tomorrow’

Crystal Antlers – ‘Until The Sun Sets (live)’

John Vanderslice – ‘Too Much Time (live)’

N.A.S.A – ‘Hip Hop’

A full live set from Ratatat in Paris

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If not, I’ll do a link round-up again soon…

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