MP3: Why? – Close To Me (The Cure Cover)

Now, I’m a renowned anti-Curefan.

It’s also known that I’m a pretty staunch Why? fan.

I stumbled upon this surprise: Why? doing a time stretched half-drunk cover of The Cure’s ‘Close To Me’.

As a sad-pop dirge, it’s a winner: the solemn drawn out guitars and barely-there drum beat feel like they’re connected by spiderwebs that might dissolve at any moment. Even Yoni doesn’t sound totally like normal, hiding his distinctive voice behind the nearly glacial wall of guitar.

As a Cure cover, um…I don’t know. I don’t know the original and I don’t have the journalistic integrity to go find the original and compare. I’ll probably have a hard time even tagging this entry with “the cure”.

C’est la vie.


One thought on “MP3: Why? – Close To Me (The Cure Cover)

  1. this is amazing. i’m an huge anticon fan and a goth kid so this just makes my day. why slowed down the tempo quite a bit and it came out achingly depressing and good.