MP3: Emily Jane White – Wild Tigers I Have Known

I played “Wild Tigers I Have Known” for a friend and he remarked that it reminded him a lot of Cat Power. A second friend backed up the Cat Power comparison, around 2 weeks later. Every time I’ve actually listened to Chan Marshall, cute as she is, it sounds somewhat like she’s phoning it in. Emily Jane White, however strikes a deeper, far more beautiful chord. The somber marching piano and hushed doubled vocals of White form a comforting, yet disquieting blanket that curls around you seductively.”Wild Tigers I Have Known” is like the embrace of a dying loved one. It’s the music of ghosts, a song that encapsulates the feeling of something in a space you know full well to be empty.

I feel a little ashamed to admit that I discovered her via Spin. Part of me says that it seems silly to find a new treasure amidst the old guard’s dwindling empire, but source regardless, ‘Wild Tigers I Have Known” is a gem from an artist who is worth the attention. Remember, sad is the new awesome.

You can purchase her debut album Dark Undercoat via Double Negative Records

‘Wild Tigers I Have Known’ from 2007’s Dark Undercoat
‘Hole In The Middle’ from 2007’s Dark Undercoat

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