The best of the new absurd: Let’s Paint TV

Every time I come across things that are so delightfully strange, it renews my faith in the world. One of those such discovery is Let’s Paint TV. I ended up randomly at a launch party for a web 2.0 venture. While I was terribly out of place, I managed to bump into a fellow misfit who, while double-fisting free Stella Artois, told me about the majesty of Let’s Paint TV. Strangely enough, 8 hours later I got a facebook message recommending the show to me from a someone I hadn’t seen in years. The stars were aligned for me to find this.

Let’s Paint TV is the absurd brainchild of Los Angeles artist John Kilduff. The show is of those little gems who’s freaky energy that can only be contained by cable public access cable. It’s hard to really describe what it is, the truth of the matter is that you just need to see it for yourself. The constant of the show is John Jilduff on a treadmill while painting. What goes on around him changes: sometimes, he’ll blend smoothies while jogging, sometimes no-core bands will screech away in the background. All this is done against a slowly dissolving bluescreen. As the minutes tick by, the severity of the blue screen effects increases, like a drug kicking in.

The topper to each episode is that it’s a call-in show and the people who call in tend to primarily harass poor John as he runs on his treadmill. Again, it’s really just something you have to watch. The entire spectacle is beautiful in its chaos.

Tune in for the unholy union of these three influences:

You can watch Let’s Paint TV live every weekday from 11am to 12 noon PST on Let’s Paint and You can call into the show and ask John a question (818) 528-4516.

If you live in Los Angeles, you can catch him on the following Time Warner cable channels:

Channel 3 – West Hollywood
Channel 37 – Beverly Hills
Channel 77 – Santa Monica
Channel 98 – West Los Angeles-Eagle Rock

If not, take a peek at the Let’s Paint TV Youtube Channel for archives of the show.

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