Explode Into Colors – Into The Woods, Live!

Portland’s Explode Into Colors has been a band I’ve wanted to write about for a while now. I fell in love with their track “Sharpen The Knife” which is rich with the raw charm that a lot of their music has. It’s a messy splatter of sludgy punk dub, hypnotically wrought with reverbed to oblivion vocals and percussive backbeat. The video above is from the Into The Woods series, which is akin to a rural Pacific Northwest spin on La Blogotheque’s Takeaway shows. For this one, Explode Into Colors head off to Rhododendron, Oregon for an intimate show at a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Check it out.

Also, grab the mp3 of “Sharpen The Knife” below. The song was originally released on a now out of print 7″ via M’Lady Records. If I understand their website correctly will be included on the forthcoming Quilts EP, a 12″ that’s collecting Explode Into Colors first three hard to find singles.


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