Coil/Time Machines

I forgot both members of Coil have passed away. It makes me sad to remember such deep influences are gone…John Balance ten years ago, Sleazy just four.

Their catalog is vast, andI learned a lot about experimental music from digging through their many albums, EPs and side projects as a teenager. While I don’t love everything they produced, it was all visceral and deeply earnest.

Eric & Magill’s Two Travelers EP


Eric & Magill, creators of the previously loved “You Make It So Good”, have released their equally lush Two Travelers EP. Stream it below and download it for free from their bandcamp. Look for their full length Night Singers coming in late June of this year.

Trailer Trash Tracys “Wish You Were Red” & “Strangling Good Guys (Live)”

I feel that London’s Trailer Trash Tracys will get a bit bigger this year as their reverb throwback sound is prefect to enable their inevitable rise. Check out a few videos below:

“Wish You Were Red”

“Strangling Good Guys (Live)”

New Why? Surfacing Around The Internets

Though not proper album tracks from the forthcoming, as yet untitled album, but a handlful of new songs have bubbled up. As part of a contest of sorts, the blog We Fear Change has requested users create videos and photos with the winner’s reward being a song composed for you. You can check out all the Golden Ticket Winners here.

My favorite thus far:

As well, Yoni recently put up a single announcement video that’s somewhere between walking freestyle vlog and doing peyote in the 90’s. The biggest fact to take from the psychedelic pastiche is that they’re releasing a new single in about 6 weeks.

Take a look:

If you’re lucky enough to be in NYC or Boise, ID go see them live:

03/16/12 New York, NY Le Poisson Rouge
03/23/12 Boise, ID Treefort Music Fest (Main Stage Outside)

Picture unrelated.

Computer Jesus Refrigerator

Sometimes the best things in life you don’t fully understand and Austin’s Computer Jesus Refrigerator is one of those mysteries. Like a living datamosh of foreign language television, the majesty of their syncopated mess lies in how little there is to easily discern. Raging torrents of noise and slurred drumming come together well, feeling far more intentional than most bands with this kind sound.

Grab the free album GODLOMANMACHOPANZILLA from their bandcamp.