Beach House – ‘Silver Soul’

Not that this Baltimore duo needs more exposure, but this song really gets to the heart of why Teen Dream is a beautiful, lush album. The lazy sway of the tune is performed with such little effort that it makes you feel that conjuring up such a lush mood is far easier than it really is. Love it.


Teen Dream was released January 26, 2010 via Sub Pop. You can get it digitally from iTunes and on vinyl from Insound, where the two LP release comes with a DVD of videos for each song on the album.

LCD Soundsystem – ‘Home’

The Queitus recently posted a lengthy and interesting piece on James Murphy where he details how This Is Happening will be LCD Soundsystem’s last. Given that the album landed at #10 on the Billboard 200 and kicked Lady Gaga out of her 5 month #1 spot of the dance charts, it seems like a hard gig to walk away from. If you read the piece, here’s a fair bit of complexity to Murphy that I wasn’t previously aware of.


The closing track ‘Home’ is my favorite from the album, full of hypnotic loping keyboards and a trademark LCD Soundsystem lockstep beat. Murphy’s vocals shine on this one, emoting the longing in the song perfectly. Given the news that this will be the band’s last release, the lyrics take on an added meaning…almost a tired but loving send off to his fans. Regardless, it’s a fantastic album closer and, if it is indeed the case, a great cap to Murphy’s trio of albums.

This Is Happening was released on May 18, 2010 via DFA Records. You can purchase it from iTunes or direct from the band as a $80 deluxe pack which features a record bag, t-shirt, vinyl, cd & digital download.

Baths – ‘Maximalist’

Will Wiesenfeld has crafted a luscious album of warm layered beats that ricochet across each song. The album is a marked success that carries the torch for the already excellent LA electro scene. Check out the exuberant thump of ‘Maximalist’:


Also, the remix of ‘Hall’ by One AM Radio that features the Los Feliz Ladies Choir over at Stereogum and the RCRD LBL exclusive remix by Asura below.

Cerulean will be released on July 6th, 2010 via Anticon. You can pre-order it from iTunes and on vinyl from Insound.

Mochipet – Complex Players Dub (Free The Robots Remix)

Off the new release Master P on Atari Transformed Volume 2 on Daly City Records, here’s one of the remixes by expert beatsmith Free The Robots. I’m pretty new to Mochipet, but I do highly recommend anything FTR puts out. He just dropped his debut Ctrl Alt Delete over at Alphapup records and you can get a free download of the killer track “Orion’s Belt Buckle” over at the label’s website. The song features wave after wave of lovely analog sandwiched between deliciously layered beats. I came to write more about Mochipet, but here I am rambling on about Free The Robots.

Go all out and grab some of Mochipet’s free mashups too, particularly his demolishing of N.E.R.D’s “Everybody Nose” and Lil Wayne’s “A Millie”. The latter a song I adore remixes of but don’t really like the original at all. Hm.

Either way, grab all three and you’ll have yourself a good day.


Master P on Atari Transformed Vol. 2 was released on April 6th 2010 via Daly City Records. Order it at iTunes.

Phantogram – ‘You Are The Ocean And I’m Good At Drowning’ (from Eyelid Movies)

You do the research on Phantogram and you see a lot of weird pseudo-anticipation expressed with the term “Trip-Hop”. This mid-90’s genre that was once a plague on every coffee shop and upscale boutique in America, has been left squandering now. I freely admit, it was something I once loved…but time makes fools of us all and in retrospect, much of what the genre pooped out wasn’t that great.

In what Phantogram has repurposed for their sound, like the occasional dust speckled hip-hop drum sample, definitely calls back to some of the finer points that trip-hop had to offer. There’s some similarity in singer/keyboardist Sarah Barthel’s reverb drenched cooing that would be in line with a lot of other female singers from that era. The sparse, Morricone inspired guitar lines are also familiar touchstones for the genre.

Hm, I really had meant to write about these guys and in the end circle back to say, “But, they’ve got a lot that separates them from being the first crest of a trip-hop revival.” The more layers I dissect in the album…the more I find a lot of genre callbacks. Weather flush with retro tendencies or not, Eyelid Movies is still an incredibly solid album that comes across like early stuff from The Ravonettes on quaaludes. Rarely do I find a new release full of songs that are worthy repeat listening.

“You Are The Ocean And I’m Good At Drowning” has been the standout track from Eyelid Movies. The song builds up the from the skeleton of a drum loop filled out with bass synth mood and a subdued guitar lead. Guitarist Josh Carter takes vocal point on this song and filled in at the chorus by Sarah Barthel; the interplay similar in tone to The XX, if they had a concept of crescendo instead of just steely posturing. “You Are The Ocean And I’m Good At Drowning” does arrive at a satisfying build, an asset utilized by many of their songs. Maybe fairer to call it “post-shoegaze” instead of “trip-hop revival”…less damning anyway.


Eyelid Movies was released on February 9th 2010 via Barsuk Records. Order it at

Javelin – Vibrationz (from ‘No Mas’)

The northeast thaw has barely begun and I’m 99% certain I’ve already found what will be my jam of the summer. Vibrationz is the perfect blend of headnodding goodness; it’s a more aggressive take on the Chromatics style spun in with the ghost of The Tom Tom Club. I’ve already put it on repeat enough that I’ll burnt out on it before it’s swimming weather, but I’ll love every minute till then.


No Mas will be out on April 26th 2010 via Luka Bop. Preorder it at