Free download of Italians Do It Better’s After Dark remastered

In honor of the upcoming release of After Dark II, label head Johnny Jewel has offered up the incredible After Dark compilation up for free download. From the lead Chromatic himself:

Over 5 years ago we released a slow-burning label sampler at midnight on my birthday. The original pressing was a demo CDR that Ida No colored with markers & glued cutouts of my hand spraypainting our names on the world. It was supposed to be a limited edition of 237 copies meant for the merch tables of Texas & California. It exploded overnight. 77 minutes of analog electronic music mutating through Italo Disco, Krautrock, Electro, Giallo Cinema, & Pop. By now, After Dark seems like it’s in its thousandth pressing…(we lost track a long time ago). And as we prepare for the release of After Dark 2, we wanted to share with you where it all began. The last 5 years seem like a beautiful blurry dream. Since the October 15th release date was announced back in July, everyone has grown increasingly anxious for the hard copy. At that time, we didn’t know Karl Lagerfeld was going to commission Chromatics to choreograph 27 minutes of music for the Chanel runway. We also couldn’t have known that Symmetry was going to be asked to score a top-secret motion picture for 2013. There is so much music we can’t wait for you to hear. For the diehard fans, we’re going to start leaking tracks next week. After slowly chiseling away at it since the spring of 2008, After Dark 2 is finally right around the corner. Thanks to everyone for being so enthusiastic & patient. I promise it’s worth the wait. In the meantime, download the fully remastered version of the first After Dark from my soundcloud. I blended it together at 5 am this morning. Enjoy!

Johnny Jewel

Conceptual April Fool’s – Nosaj Thing’s remix of 4’33

UPDATE: Boo, he took it down. Long story short, it was an mp3 of silence. The soundcloud comments all were adoring each nuance and “sick drop” of the satirical “remix”. This post likes “theoretical quotes”.

Nosaj Thing has produced what I can deem the most conceptual April Fool’s gag. Today saw the release of his remix of John Cage’s legendary 1952 minimal performance piece. This is probably the only moment in time when Sound Cloud’s usually godawful comment system plays perfectly into the joke.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen any good John Cage jokes, since the fake youtube copyright claim gag perpetrated by Married To The Sea author @drewtoothpaste

Get it?

On one level, I love a good John Cage joke, but on at the same time, I wish people would educate themselves to the playful history that Cage brought to the world. It’s easy to dismiss some of his contributions, as they feel old and simple, but put yourself in the context of the time and the magic is easy to see. Long ago, I read John Cage Explained, but it seems now out of print. Text gave a great sense of context to his life and work, so I highly suggest it.

Now I want to read John Cage books. Any recommendations?

Das Racist’s Heems presents ‘Nehru Jackets’ Mixtape

I don’t have a strong opinion about Das Racist, every so often someting pops up from them that you can’t deny the slacker brilliance. I grabbed Heems’s recently released mixtape ‘Nehru Jackets’ on a whim and was pretty impressed. More than a few tracks are built around awesome chopped samples of Indian vocalists paired with some quite decent beats. As well, the mixtape has guest spots from the likes of Danny Brown, Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire, Das Racist’s Kool A.D., Action Bronson, Childish Gambino and Despot. ‘Nerhu Jackets’ is petty good for a guy who broke onto the scene with an ode to Yum! Brand franchises. Though, to be fair, they moved on to Žižek references which is in my mind, a fine evolution.

This free mix was unleashed on the world via the insidious playground that was Megaupload. Thanks to the Feds, that dark shadow has been purged from the earth. (Whatever will Swizz Beats do?) You can still grab it from Hulkshare…don’t tell anyone.


Also, here’s my favorite thing done with their rhymes – Anamanaguchi’s remix of ‘Rainbow In The Dark’:

The Social Network & That Creep Cover

The newest teasery-trailery thing for the next Fincher movie The Social Network hit the web yesterday. I can’t really tell yet if the movie is going to be worth a damn as there’s an unnecessary drama slathered over every inch of the trailer. Ultimately, we’ll be sitting down to watch a movie about an empire not yet toppled. Don’t you really need hindsight to craft a biopic like this that brings anything to the table besides sensationalism?

I am interested in the cast though…Jesse Eisenberg, a man I once described as “Discount Michael Cera” has wormed his way into my heart with Zombieland and his non-inverted chin, so I’m curious to see how he does in this lead role. Plus, you’ve got the next Spiderman in the film. (They haven’t realized what they did by casting him and swapped for someone more Amerrrrican yet, right?). I’ve lost a lot of trust in Fincher as a director over the years, but maybe there will be some glint of his former self somewhere in this film.

Featured in the clip (along with recycled dialog that’s been abused in the earlier teasers) is the live rendition of Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ as preformed by Scala & Kolacny Brother’s choir of Belgian ladies. I hadn’t heard this track in a while, despite blogging about it a while back. The music adds a bit of the overbearing drama to the movie clip but revisiting the track alone, I again realize that it’s a really fantastic rendition of the song.

Here it is again for download:


Also, check out my original post about the song.