Mount Eerie – Dragon (Live – Pinball Sessions)

I think Phil Elverum’s voice is one of my favorite things.

Stream all three new songs from Mount Eerie’s forthcoming double album Sauna over on the Pinball Sessions site.

    Julianna Barwick – One Half

    Julianna Barwick has returned with the single ‘One Half’. Off the forthcoming Icelandic influenced Nepenthe, the lead video offers a shift in style and an interesting interpretation of personal duality. The two halves of Julianna’s self occupy vastly different places; one in a halogen lit empty car park and the other in a lush, surreal forest populated by a psychedelic cake. The song, while utilizing the same looping ambiance, uses discernible vocals as elements in the layers. They’re structural, less as lyrics to tell a story but an functional part of the tonal whole. It’s charming, etherial as always, but somewhat grounded by the tangible english.


    The whole album isn’t as different as ‘One Half’, with much the rest of the album remaining true to what you’d expect from Barwick’s shimmering vocals. A few tracks feel heavily influenced by the Icelandic recording location, the hand of producer Alex Somers and cameos by members of local heavyweights Mum & Amiina. ‘Pyrrhic’ feels the most imbued by the land, built out of sighing strings, high choral vocals and an enveloping ascending melody akin to Sigur Ros’s finer moments. The album on the whole works, both newly arrived elements and familiar ones.

    You can stream Nepenthe over at NPR Music. You can also pre-order the album via SC Distribution. First run of the vinyl comes in a limited edition gold and includes a poster worthy of the Icelandic tourism board.

    Lupe Fiasco’s Animal Pharm/Atoms for Peace

    Lupe Fiasco’s recent release uses a chunk of this year’s also amazing ‘Ingenue’, by Atoms For Peace. His version of the song pairs the meandering synth lead and skittering beats with a dense critique of, well…a lot of things. The song is incredibly layered and a reminder that the frequently outspoken MC is a vastly talented writer. He announced this year that his finished album Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album, Part 2 will be shelved and he is starting with a new album that’s called Tetsuo & Youth. It’s a different angle and twist.” No word on if Animal Pharm will be on Tetsuo & Youth.

    Let’s not forget that ‘Ingenue’ is also one of the better singles of the year, with what will probably end up as one of my favorite videos of the year. Though every music blog on the internet posted about it back in February, but as internet years are like dog years squared, take another look:

    The simple set-piece was designed by Wayne McGregor, resident choreographer at London’s Royal Ballet. Yorke’s coconspirator in the video is Fukiko Takase, a dancer who is part of McGregor’s renowned group Random Dance. McGregor was also the man behind the moves that most everyone thought were spasmodically improvised in the previous Radiohead clip for Lotus Flower. It’s quite awesome to release his movements are intentional in that video.

    The gorgeous bespoke suits that both Thom and Fukiko wear in ‘Ingenue’ are handmade by the Savile Row tailors Norton & Sons. GQ has a pretty interesting interview with Patrick Grant, the tailor who constructed the clothes for the video.

    The video’s director, Gareth Jennings was one half of the now defunct directing duo Hammer and Tongs. That pair has created a bunch of interesting clips over the years: including Vampire Weekend’s spazzy A Punk, the classic Coffee & TV video for Blur and the mostly maligned, but still I love it feature adaptation of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

    Well, that was interesting…from Lupe to Hitchhikers Guide in 5 moves. Not bad.

    The Knife – Shaking The Habitual Live


    Check out the snippet of The Knife’s new live show with their upcoming single ‘Raging Lung’.

    Shot during the band’s May show at Hangaren Subtopia in Stockholm and directed by Sorklubben, the short sample gives a peek into the dynamic and sometimes excessive live show. You can catch them touring behind their dense and not always accessable opus Shaking The Habitual at a variety of European festivals this summer. There they will share the bill with such like minded performers as Snoop Dogg, Fun. and Eminem:

    Colours Of Ostrava – THURSDAY 18 JULY – SUNDAY 21 JULY 2013
    Melt! Festival – FRIDAY 19 JULY – SUNDAY 21 JULY 2013
    Øya Festival – TUESDAY 06 AUGUST – SATURDAY 10 AUGUST 2013
    Flow Festival – WEDNESDAY 07 AUGUST – SUNDAY 11 AUGUST 2013
    Way Out West Festival – THURSDAY 08 AUGUST – SATURDAY 10 AUGUST 2013
    Pukkelpop – THURSDAY 15 AUGUST – SATURDAY 17 AUGUST 2013
    Lowlands Festival – FRIDAY 16 AUGUST – SUNDAY 18 AUGUST 2013
    Zürich Openair – THURSDAY 29 AUGUST – SUNDAY 01 SEPTEMBER 2013
    Electric Picnic – FRIDAY 30 AUGUST – SUNDAY 01 SEPTEMBER 2013

    Dan Deacon/Off The Air USA Video

    Last week saw the release of something I’ve been involved with for the better part of 2013: Dan Deacon’s new Off The Air helmed video for the America suite. I’m exceptionally proud to have had any hand in this…Dan is an awesome guy who I’ve been a fan of for a while now, so getting to work on one of his videos was very exciting for me. Dave Hughes, brain mother of Off The Air did an amazing job as usual, crafting something unique and much needed on today’s web & airwaves.

    I helped out on the producing side and handled some of the After Effects work on a few later shots. As well, you can find me in a ghillie suit portraying one of the forest creatures at the end. I’m traditionally typecast in such roles.

    Here you can read a moderately crumudgeonly review of Dan’s live show I got assigned to back on 2008. I’m still a tough sell to get fully into the chaos and dance…as much as I love his shows. Most times, you can find me on the sidelines happily singing along.