Adult Swim’s Garage Swim


Continuing the precedent of Adult Swim’s dedication to bring you amazingly good compilations for free, 2013 has brought us the filthy stomp of Garage Swim. Who can say no to such a fine bunch of musicians, as per this track listing below:

1. Bass Drum of Death – “Dregs”
2. Apache Dropout – “Constant Plaything”
3. Thee Oh Sees – “Devil Again”
4. King Tuff – “She’s on Fire”
5. JEFF the Brotherhood – “Melting Place”
6. Black Lips – “Cruising”
7. King Khan and the Gris Gris – “Discreate Disguise”
8. Mikal Cronin – “Better Man”
9. Mind Spiders – “They Lie”
10. Cheap Time – “Kill the Light”
11. King Louie’s Missing Monuments – “Covered in Ice”
12. OBN IIIs – “A Good Lover”
13. The Gories – “On the Run”
14. King Khan – “Strange Ways”
15. Weekend – “Teal Kia”

Download the compilation over at As well, check out 2 video features on Mikal Cronin and King Tuff by Yours Truly while you’re there.

Currently, they’re in the midst of the Adult Swim 2013 Singles Program.


This year’s collection has tracks from Run The Jewels (Killer Mike & EL-P), Metz, Autre Ne Veut, MadLib, Mac DeMarco, Lightning Bolt, Lil B, Captain Murphy, Pig Destroyer. Free downloads will be doled out weekly over the course of the summer.

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Dan Deacon/Off The Air USA Video

Last week saw the release of something I’ve been involved with for the better part of 2013: Dan Deacon’s new Off The Air helmed video for the America suite. I’m exceptionally proud to have had any hand in this…Dan is an awesome guy who I’ve been a fan of for a while now, so getting to work on one of his videos was very exciting for me. Dave Hughes, brain mother of Off The Air did an amazing job as usual, crafting something unique and much needed on today’s web & airwaves.

I helped out on the producing side and handled some of the After Effects work on a few later shots. As well, you can find me in a ghillie suit portraying one of the forest creatures at the end. I’m traditionally typecast in such roles.

Here you can read a moderately crumudgeonly review of Dan’s live show I got assigned to back on 2008. I’m still a tough sell to get fully into the chaos and dance…as much as I love his shows. Most times, you can find me on the sidelines happily singing along.

Holy Ghost! remixes LCD Soundsystem

Holy Ghost! has a pretty great remix of LCD Soundsystem’s ‘Drunk Girls’ as part of the Adult Swim Singles Program. The program is in it’s 7th out of 8th week, and has hosted exclusives from Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Madvillan, and Black Lips. To go with the track, Adult Swim got Daniel Garcia to shoot a clip for it. They went up to Portland and filmed an epic bike jousting round in slow motion…less something to go with the lyrics, more something that just works as a wacky visual. It doesn’t at all beat the original Spike Jones video, but I think the remix may be better than the original album version…makes it sound less like ‘North American Scum’ and a proper dance track.

Grab a copy from the Adult Swim Singles Club.

Garcia has done some awesome work for Adult Swim before, helming, among other things, the clips that accompanied the Chrome Children compilation. My favorite of that bunch is the animation that goes with the strangely spiritual Dilla track ‘Nothing Like This’. Not sure if it’s the video that makes it feel so much like it’s about dying, but I love it either way.

For no reason but that Adult Swim loves corporate auto sponsorship (the Singles Program is sponsored by Kia), I’m using this opportunity to post a clip from Frisky Dingo:

Scion TC! Scion TC! Scion TC! Scion TC! Scion TC! Scion TC! Scion TC! Scion TC!