Free The Robots – “Select/Start”

This year LA’s beatsmith Free The Robots finally released his new full length Ctrl Alt Delete on Alpha Pup Records. After a string of The standout track that shuffle seems to compelled to make me listen to is ‘Select/Start’, where the loping Coleco arpeggios wrap themselves around a barrage of other sinewave synths. Running up the spine is a clean beat full of claps and crackle that unifies the song. I listen to one of the other big post-breaks releases of the year like Flying Lotus’ Cosmogramma and am severely disappointed, Ctrl Alt Delete saves the day.


Ctrl Alt Delete was released March 30th, 2010 via Alpha Pup. You can get it digitally from iTunes and on vinyl from Bleep.

Glitchy Analog Hugs – Nosaj Thing

Los Angeles’s Nosaj Thing was quite possibly my favorite discovery of 2008. A new guy on the scene, with just an single EP under his belt, he’s still created a work of majesty that brings along definite anticipation for currently underway, full length. His tracks are capture a kind of warm analog wonder, peppered with deft drum programming and tasteful glitchy elements.

Nosaj Thing – Bach 1685

Purchase the vinyl from Turntable Labs

From the limited run Stussy x Turntable Lab compilation Beats, “Bach 1685” was the first track of his that I caught, and it immediately captured my ear with the 8-bit sounding washes and wandering backwards keyboard. The above video features the dance moves of Montreal producer Lunice (who, on a side note, did one of the best remixes of Kanye’s remixes of “Love Lockdown” that I’ve heard so far – download it here)

Nosaj Thing – Hearts Entire

Video by Dugan O’Neal
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There’s rarely a person that I play him for that isn’t blown away. It’s safe to say that, in a year, a ton more folks will know about what he does. I’m sad that I left LA without catching his Low End Theory appearances, but from the looks of his myspace, he’s going to be playing out a bit this year. Be sure to catch his live show if you can.

Feb 5 2009 Fox Theater w/ The Gaslamp Killer, Pretty Lights – Boulder, Colorado
Feb 6 2009 Aggie Theater w/ Pretty Lights, Savoy – Ft. Collins, Colorado
Feb 7 2009 Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom w/ Pretty Lights & DJ Russo – Denver, Colorado
Feb 13 2009 OBEY RADIO @ The Crosby w/ The Gaslamp Killer – Santa Ana, California
Feb 20 2009 TBA – Richmond, Virginia
Feb 21 2009 BeBar – Washington, Washington DC
Feb 26 2009 Holocene w/ Eliot lipp and Michna! – Portland, Oregon
Feb 27 2009 STS9 after party w/ Free the Robots + the Gaslamp Killer – San Francisco, California
Mar 5 2009 Princeton: Terrace F. Club – Princeton, New Jersey
Mar 6 2009 Zot Bar – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Mar 7 2009 – Tribeca w/ Eliot Lipp + Pnuma Trio – Virginia
Mar 13 2009 11 Minna Gallery w/ Mochipet – San Francisco, California