High Contrast – Spectrum Analyzer

If this were possible, I would say this could qualify as 4:35 seconds of an Off The Air episode on video games. A million unlicensed clips, so it’d be terrible for broadcast…but the video still blew my brains apart. Lots of datamoshing, iconic video game imagery & aggressive wildlife all add up to a charmingly delusional video. The clip has my attention and, though I’ve never heard of High Contrast or Hospitality Records before, the clip serves as an internet friendly talking point. ‘Spectrum Analyzer’ is an ok track; definitely in line with 8/16 bit soundtracks of the visuals, but nothing that has changed my worldview.

I will say that the b-side, “Some Things Never Change” is a far better tune, but I have a soft spot for time tested, uncomplicated drum and bass. It all takes me back to high school and my mind wanders to a box with a number of 90’s era cassettes featuring bedroom mixes by long ago friends.

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