Blu – Doinnothin’ ft. Ugod (Produced by Flying Lotus)

I’ve always been on the fence about pairing Flylo’s layered snares, shuffling percussion and heady madness with any MC, but I do love to be wrong. Blu’s monotone drive fits well up against the controlled chaos of both the track and kinetic clip.

Video is by RUFFMERCY, who did the animation for another equally interesting video to accompany the Blu/Flylo collab “BNG”. Check that out here.

Free The Robots – “Select/Start”

This year LA’s beatsmith Free The Robots finally released his new full length Ctrl Alt Delete on Alpha Pup Records. After a string of The standout track that shuffle seems to compelled to make me listen to is ‘Select/Start’, where the loping Coleco arpeggios wrap themselves around a barrage of other sinewave synths. Running up the spine is a clean beat full of claps and crackle that unifies the song. I listen to one of the other big post-breaks releases of the year like Flying Lotus’ Cosmogramma and am severely disappointed, Ctrl Alt Delete saves the day.


Ctrl Alt Delete was released March 30th, 2010 via Alpha Pup. You can get it digitally from iTunes and on vinyl from Bleep.