Katie and Allison Crutchfield cover Grimes


Longtime friends and twin sisters Katie and Allison Crutchfield, (Waxahatchee and Swear, respectively) were commissioned by the music blog Rookie to record a cover for their site’s monthly theme. Their choice of ‘Oblivion’ was an odd one on paper, but the simple synth bounce translates well when fed through the jangle and reverb. I’m always happy to be wrong.

You can read Rookie’s interview with the Crutchfield twins here.

Grimes – Full KEXP Performace

I honestly have no clue what my opinion is of Grimes. Everyone is in love with her and while I can’t deny the absolute charm of her Oblivion video, I’m not totally sold. I took to the live clip to get a sense of her stage presence and it’s, well, it’s similar to her music to me…something seems lacking. I really want to be swept up in whatever it is people are seeing in her, but I’m still struggling. I puzzled for a while over her minimalist setup too: an SP-404 sampler, an iPod touch, a Boss VE-20 vocal processor, a Juno-G synth and a midi stompbox I can’t identify. I’m skeptical even of this mix of equipment, so simple that I can’t really understand how she manufactures what she does.

However critical I may be, I don’t dislike Grimes…I just haven’t yet drank from the right potion to figure it all out.

Symphonia IX
Be a Body
Interspersed with an awkward interview by host Cheryl Waters.