Not All Icelandic Pop Chanteuses Are Batshit Crazy – Lay Low

Lay Low was an accidental discovery made while I was blindly walking the streets of Reykjavik during the ’06 Iceland Airwaves. I stumbled into Skífan, one of the record shops on Laegavur to find her alone with an acoustic guitar, singing away to a tiny gathering of folks amidst the CD aisles.

There was something captivating about her performance; she’s got the dark, smoky voice that belies her looks and age and her songs are simple and pleasing, with a touch of Icelandic lilt to her intonation. Completely unlike most everything else featured at that year’s Airwaves, her intimate music floated far higher than some of the loudest of bands.

Her new album, Farewell Good Night releases on March 3rd. It’s an interesting shift from her earlier, more blues influenced work and becomes more a half-drunk love note to both Johnny Cash-style American country and the era of passionate torch songs.

You can get a download of “Last Time Around”, from the forthcoming album, by signing up for her mailing list here.

Check out Mojo Love, from her 2006 release Please Don’t Hate Me:

Lay Low – Mojo Love

“By and By” from Farewell Good Night, performed live at Iceland Airwaves 2008
Frikirkjan Church in Reykjavik, Iceland

“Please Don’t Hate Me” from the 2006 album of the same name.

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