Au Revoir Simone – ‘Somebody Who’

Au Revoir Simone’s recently released “Somebody Who” suggests an ever so slightly more up tempo direction for the band’s new album. Nothing dramatic, but there’s a touch more energy to the new track that pierces through the dream haze of their older work. I’m genuinely glad this trio is coming back after a lengthy absence, punctuated only by last summer’s solo EP by lead singer Erika Spring. Below are 2 fantastic remixes from their 2009 album Still Night, Still Light by Jens Lekman and Neon Indian:

Move In Spectrums will be available 9/23 (EU) on Moshi Moshi and 9/24 (US) on Instant Records.

SLEEP ∞ OVER – ‘Your World Is Night’

Mood maximalists SLEEP ∞ OVER are a refreshing find. The trio churns out that kind of reverb enhanced music that I adore so much. Originally released on the now sold out cassette compilation Dark As Night from Bathetic Records, the track ‘Your World Is Night’ traffics in a beautiful kind of mood that rests somewhere in between bliss and paranoia. Sparse percussion, undulating tones and echoed vocals make for an excellent track.

[audio: Over – Your World Is Night.mp3]

Take a look at the equally moody video by Josh Morgan, who’s also done clips for Neon Indian’s ‘Mind Drips’ and Cold Cave’s ‘Cebe and Me’.

Though the Bathetic comp is sold out, you can grab their self titled cassette for $7.00 from Night People.