Lupe Fiasco’s Animal Pharm/Atoms for Peace

Lupe Fiasco’s recent release uses a chunk of this year’s also amazing ‘Ingenue’, by Atoms For Peace. His version of the song pairs the meandering synth lead and skittering beats with a dense critique of, well…a lot of things. The song is incredibly layered and a reminder that the frequently outspoken MC is a vastly talented writer. He announced this year that his finished album Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album, Part 2 will be shelved and he is starting with a new album that’s called Tetsuo & Youth. It’s a different angle and twist.” No word on if Animal Pharm will be on Tetsuo & Youth.

Let’s not forget that ‘Ingenue’ is also one of the better singles of the year, with what will probably end up as one of my favorite videos of the year. Though every music blog on the internet posted about it back in February, but as internet years are like dog years squared, take another look:

The simple set-piece was designed by Wayne McGregor, resident choreographer at London’s Royal Ballet. Yorke’s coconspirator in the video is Fukiko Takase, a dancer who is part of McGregor’s renowned group Random Dance. McGregor was also the man behind the moves that most everyone thought were spasmodically improvised in the previous Radiohead clip for Lotus Flower. It’s quite awesome to release his movements are intentional in that video.

The gorgeous bespoke suits that both Thom and Fukiko wear in ‘Ingenue’ are handmade by the Savile Row tailors Norton & Sons. GQ has a pretty interesting interview with Patrick Grant, the tailor who constructed the clothes for the video.

The video’s director, Gareth Jennings was one half of the now defunct directing duo Hammer and Tongs. That pair has created a bunch of interesting clips over the years: including Vampire Weekend’s spazzy A Punk, the classic Coffee & TV video for Blur and the mostly maligned, but still I love it feature adaptation of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Well, that was interesting…from Lupe to Hitchhikers Guide in 5 moves. Not bad.

Slow Evolution

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In the meantime, enjoy Radiohead’s complete 54 minute set, performing this years The King of Limbs, an album which seems to exist far more comfortably in a live context. As a bonus, there’s two new songs: “Staircase” and the epic slow build of “The Daily Mail”.

The Daily Mail
Little By Little
Lotus Flower
Morning Mr Magpie
Give Up The Ghost

The Social Network & That Creep Cover

The newest teasery-trailery thing for the next Fincher movie The Social Network hit the web yesterday. I can’t really tell yet if the movie is going to be worth a damn as there’s an unnecessary drama slathered over every inch of the trailer. Ultimately, we’ll be sitting down to watch a movie about an empire not yet toppled. Don’t you really need hindsight to craft a biopic like this that brings anything to the table besides sensationalism?

I am interested in the cast though…Jesse Eisenberg, a man I once described as “Discount Michael Cera” has wormed his way into my heart with Zombieland and his non-inverted chin, so I’m curious to see how he does in this lead role. Plus, you’ve got the next Spiderman in the film. (They haven’t realized what they did by casting him and swapped for someone more Amerrrrican yet, right?). I’ve lost a lot of trust in Fincher as a director over the years, but maybe there will be some glint of his former self somewhere in this film.

Featured in the clip (along with recycled dialog that’s been abused in the earlier teasers) is the live rendition of Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ as preformed by Scala & Kolacny Brother’s choir of Belgian ladies. I hadn’t heard this track in a while, despite blogging about it a while back. The music adds a bit of the overbearing drama to the movie clip but revisiting the track alone, I again realize that it’s a really fantastic rendition of the song.

Here it is again for download:


Also, check out my original post about the song.

Epic! – Mario Paint Plays ‘Paranoid Android’

While I had intended for this to just be a blip on the old TTM Twitter, as I made my way through the entire rendition…I realized that this needed to be on the site.

Youtuber & musician Adolfo Baez loves Mario Paint…loves it to a somewhat sick degree.

He loves it enough to take a 17 year old SNES game and program it to perform one of Radiohead’s best and most complex songs. Here it is in all its glory:

Riffs built with dog barks and guitar solos crafted out of what I can only guess are cats meows. As epic as epic can be.

Check out his youtube channel for more classic video game covers as well, Katy Perry’s ‘Hot ‘n’ Cold’.

Well, they can’t all be winners.

Previous love for an odd and interesting Radiohead cover:

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