Icelandic Graffiti

Beyond music, one of my favorite things is graffiti and street art. Living in Los Angeles, I do appreciate the amount of great graffiti going on out here. For Taking Tiger Mountain, I’m starting a new bit to focus on good graffiti around the net (as well stuff I see day to day, once I get a new camera).

For the first one, I’d like to throw some light on the Icelandic graffiti scene. I’m a fan of most all everything Icelandic (except maybe Hákarl) and thanks to the magic of the internet I found a fantastic Flickr stream of graffiti pics from around Reykjavik. Flickr user Orgelpianoman brings us a ton of great shots of the Reykjavik scene. I saw a bit of what the city had to offer when I was there in ’06 (the pic at the top of the post is one of mine), but as a local he gets into the hidden away spots to the good stuff a tourist wouldn’t feel comfortable sniffing out.

Click for the high rez on each:

Check out the full Flickr stream for more.