New Blog Aggregator: We Are Hunted

While not necessarily new, as it launched in April of 2009, We Are Hunted a recent discovery of mine. It functions similarly to Elbows and Hype Machine, but chooses to do so in a more pleasing visual style. It’s all well coded and quite self contained, clicking on links brings up a player that will not interrupt your further exploration of the site.

It’s not entirely clear where they pull their stats, it does present an interesting mix of new and interesting music. In the copy on the site, it says that they aggregate via “blogs, social networks, forums, P2P networks and Spotify” (the latter being the only thing that can make someone in the US feel the frustrations of potential Hulu users in the UK). Supposedly, there’s some proprietary “clustering algorithms” going on behind the scenes. Either way, what is provided is a great variety that can I’ve found myself leaving on as background music.

You can add your blog should you be someone with content to share, but I have come across a few issues in adding this lovely site. I’m thinking it could be an issue with FeedBurner RSS feeds…maybe someone from We Are Hunted could look into that. *wink wink*

Regardless, from an end user experience, We Are Hunted is good way to explore the new.