Top Albums and Shows of 2005

Top Albums of 2005

1. Tortoise (Intonation Fest, Chicago) :: Seeing these guys was a culmination of a high school dream, having them be as kinetic as they were only helped make it special.
2. Dirty Three (Metro, Chicago) :: Seeing Warren Ellis manipulate the violin like a voodoo priest let me know that I was witnessing something unique and beautiful.
3. Andrew Bird (Intonation Fest, Chicago) :: Bird presents a strangely
delicate, yet complicated reworking of his songs that made a solid fan out of me.
4. Social Distortion (H.o.B, Chicago) :: Not much needs to be said about Mike Ness… after all these years he keeps getting better.
5. Dosh (Empty Bottle, Chicago) :: An unexpected treat of lush, vibrant
electronic music that went far beyond someone just staring at a laptop.

Top Shows of 2005

1. Andrew Bird and the Mysterious Production of Eggs, Andrew Bird :: A truly unique pop album that manages to remain accessible while remaining complex and satisfying.
2. Self Titled, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah :: Critical hype or not, this album earns the distinction of making me dance alone in my room… I don’t even dance in public.
3. Self Titled, 13&god :: Delicate cello, glitchy laptop techno, moody surrealist rap, germans singing; what else would you expect from collaboration between The Notwist and Anticon’s Themselves.
4. Elephant Eyelash, why? :: The kind of album that makes you recklessly play with new genre names, “indie-hop”? maybe…either way it’s still an unselfconscious, near-perfect pop record.
5. Witching Hour, Ladytron :: While I had previously written off Ladytron as a one of the key members of a lifeless genre, with this album you can feel the band becoming more comfortable with themselves. Adding a touch of early 90’s shoegaze, Ladytron has crafted a darker, more beautiful sound.

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