Jon Zaremba – John’s Candy

If you were to sit down and write a musical tribute to John Candy, you’d have a few obvious genres to choose from: bluegrass, Dixieland jazz, or perhaps just a randomly-chosen song by one of Candy’s fellow Canadians. Jon Zaremba is either an unconventional gentleman or just plain nutty; he decided that the best tribute to the late Mr. Candy was experimental electronic music. It’s hard to see the connection between the bouncing post-industrial circus of John’s Candy with the life of John Candy, but Zaremba’s unorthodox and unpredictable style proves intriguing.For an idea of what John’s Candy sounds like, start with any Mindless Self Indulgence song, then strip it down to just the keyboard and drums. There you go: manic, disjointed party music for dead circus clowns bumping rails of home-made meth somewhere in hell. Every song is packed with distorted club beats and wailing keytar solos, recalling prime eighties synth music, only fifty times as cuh-razy. “John’s Candy 05” is rambling post-industrial bleakness reminiscent of Front 242 — replace their vocals with John Candy samples and you’ll get the idea.

Bizarre and uneven as it may be, John’s Candy will be irresistible to the special people out there who lay awake at night, longing for a post-industrial acid-house revival that also serves as a tribute to the man who brought us Canadian Bacon, Uncle Buck and Spaceballs. Lesser minds might wonder why a John Candy tribute was necessary in the first place — particularly this sort of tribute — but if you have to ask, you’re just not cool enough to appreciate Jon Zaremba.

Well, you’re not something enough, anyway.

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